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 Useful Phrases

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PostSubject: Useful Phrases   Sun May 09, 2010 1:01 am

It's a shiny new thread!
(And hopefully something we can all enjoy!)

As you watch more and more anime, you start to notice that you hear certain things quite often. And slowly, as you watch more and more, you start to pick up on indiviudal Japanese words, phrases, and general expressions.

The purpose of this thread is two fold.

1) Educational - I shall put various context-specific Japanese phrases here over time, as I see fit. Use them as you will, whether it be to poke fun at your friend, or to cordially invite your pet llama to a dinner party. Fun for all.

2) A place to share your favourite phrases da yo! Know a bit of Japanese you think is really cool, or that you think might just enlighten someone? Put it here. I might edit my first post and include your saying in it.

Share the love of Japanese! Go, go, go! Or if you're the lurker (like we tend to get occasionally), lurk, lurk, lurk!

Basic Greetings and Exchanges
How do you do?Hajimemashite.はじめまして
Pleased to meet you.Douzo yoroshikuどうぞよろしく
Good morning.Ohayou(gozaimasu)おはとうございます
Good day.Konnichi waこんにちは
Good evening.Konbanwaこんばんは
See you later.Ja, mataじゃ、また
How are you? (Are you well?)O-genki desu ka?おげんきですか
I’m fine. (Yes, I’m well)Hai, genki desu.はい、げんきです
And you?Anata wa...?あなたは?
It’s nice (good) weather, isn’t it?Ii o-tenki desu ne?いい おてんきですね
It’s really coming down, isn’t it?Yoku furimasu ne?よく ふりますね

Agreeing and Disagreeing
Yes (informal)Eeええ
Yeah (very informal)Unうん
It is, isn't it?Sou desu ne.そうですね
Is that so?Sou ka?そうですか

Common Phrases and Expressions
Thank youArigatou(gozaimasu)ありがとうございます
You're welcome/Don't mention itDouitashimashiteどういたしまして
Excuse me.Sumimasen.すみません
I'm sorry.Gomen(nasai).ごめんなさい
Take care of yourself.o-daiji niおだいじに
Do your best!Ganbatte kudasai!がんばってください
(said before eating)Itadakimasuいたkだきます
(said after eating)Gochisousamadeshitaごちそうさまでした

Completely random! (The fun stuff)
Is there a tenis court nearbly?Chikaku ni tenisu ko-to ga arimasu ka?ちかくに テニスコートが ありmすか
Have you a mild cure for a cold?Hana-kaze ni kiku kusuri ga arimasu ka?
はなかぜに きく くすりが ありますか
Could I have it in small change, please?Chiisai o-satsu de itadakemasu ka?
ちいさい おさつで いただけますか
My wife is expecting a baby in December.Kanai wa ju-ni-gatsu ni shussan no yotei desu.かないは じゅうにがつに しゅっさんの よていです
Is it suitable for children?Kodomo muki desu ka?こどもが むきですか

OTHER NOTES: As seen above, some of the phrases have a (gozaimasu) or a (nasai). For casual conversation, such as between friends of the same age and social rank, these can be left out.
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Useful Phrases
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