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 Martial Arts: Iaido 居合道

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PostSubject: Martial Arts: Iaido 居合道   Mon May 24, 2010 8:07 am

こにちわみんあさま cheers
I thought I would just introduce Iaido to you'all and open up a conversation about Japanese martial arts.

If you are asking, "What the heck is I-AI-DO?" Suspect Then don't worry.
Many of my Japanese friends don't even know. tongue
To keep it brief...
Iaido is a samurai sword technique were students train with real Japanese katana. Don't worry! Beginners have blunt swords to start off with (which cost close to R5000) Anyway when you reach shodan (black belt) you can use a real sharpened blade (R50000) There are very strict rules about obtaing a real sharpened katana or 真剣 however. Students train basically how to use the sword (hilt and sheath included) by following a series of moves or kata. Like karate.

Still awake? Sleep

I am sure many of you have experience with martial arts in some way or another (See Starwars kid). Regardless of your time training, skills or the Naruto ninja seals you know we can all appreciate how cool martial arts can be.

So if you have any questions about what it is like to learn a Martial art in Japan or if you just want to share how bad ass you are, go for it. There is soooooo much we are not learning about Japanese martial arts in South Africa. No

Here is a picture of a newspaper clipping from when I achieved my shodan in Japan. Really rare for a foreinger.
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Martial Arts: Iaido 居合道
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